Our Mission

At its core, Frost Gear is about one thing – helping athletes perform their absolute best regardless of what the conditions are like on game day. Unfortunately, baseball and softball aren’t always played in sunny and 75 degree weather. In February and March, northern ball players play through incredibly inclement conditions such as snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Impediments like game time precipitation and freezing wind chills make it extremely difficult for even the best of athletes to excel on the diamond. Yet, there are games to be played to wins to be recorded. 

The same burdens exist in the heat of the summer. Just as cold temperatures are prohibitive on athletic performance, the excessively high temperatures of the summer can have the same negative effects on the athlete. Playing multiple games in ultra-hot and ultra-humid conditions is a draining endeavor that often reduces the athlete’s energy, causes discomfort, and adversely affects performance.

Recognizing that keeping the athlete even just a few degrees warmer in ultra-cold playing environments had tremendous performance benefits, and vice-versa for those playing in heat-ridden conditions, Frost Gear sought to put the athlete in the absolute best spot for success. Since 2017, Frost Gear has been a premier provider of on-field and training technologies that allow the ball player to maintain ability, comfort, and confidence unimpeded by the weather.

Every athlete that we help to feel better and perform better in otherwise uncomfortable playing conditions is a win on our record. What fuels our ability to do so is one simple principle: that the innovation never stops. The game is changing and we must adapt with it by always looking to provide new, cutting edge sports technologies engineered specifically for the modern ball player.


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