Used & Trusted at all levels of the game

"As a coach and former professional athlete, I truly believe in the phrase “look good, feel good, play good,” & Frost Gear has certainly helped cover all of those bases for my players. They offer a list of products that are durable and comfortable with a really sharp look - all at a great price! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this emerging company!"

Matt Costello - 2009 MLB Draft Pick

"Being a baseball player from the Northeast, we use Frost Gear to help us conquer the cold on and off the field. The quality and technology behind their products is unmatched and unbeatable. Our followers absolutely love Frost Gear as much as we do!"    

Preston Amato - CEO Baseball Authority

"This brand is the absolute best! My teammates and I love their products so much, and the quality is simply impeccable. The price is very affordable and it delivers great durability and powerful in-game and training performance."   

George Stavrou - Amateur Athlete

"If you’re looking to purchase some of the best performance products out there, then you’ve come to the right place. I highly recommend Frost Gear's products to all my athletes. being able to perform at 100% matters. Having the right clothes and accessories can can have a huge impact on your performance, especially if the temperature is below 40 degrees, when athletes are more inclined to be injured. So make sure to invest in the best of the best with Frost Gear."    

Matt Marotta - CEO Power Arm Baseball

Frost Gear has phenomenal products that provide elite baseball players the ability to train at their maximum in the worst of winter conditions. With the development of their products, they allow athletes to train on a field surface rather than indoor facilities during harsh weather conditions. Preparation is so much easier during the pivotal months leading up to the season, as well as those extremely hot days in the summer. I highly recommend all their great products so the athletes can obtain an edge for the upcoming season."    

Jordan Miller - Asst. College Coach

"My son played JUCO baseball far away from home and always complained about the cold. Luckily I discovered Frost Gear and shipped my son a good amount of gear. He immediately thanked me and said the products help him in many ways. The gear this company produces is truly brilliant. i highly recommend frost gear to any baseball or softball parent."    

Ryan Tucker - Parent & Customer

"We play in a lot of cold tough days. The Frost Gear equipment has made those days easier to handle. Our guys particularly like the cold weather batting gloves and I enjoy the apparel. It is a great company with great customer service. I highly recommend looking into them." 

Ryan Carter - Colby CC Head Coach

"I first used my FG batting gloves and face mask during my JV tryouts, and felt a huge advantage over everyone else. They were freezing and I was able to perform at a high level. Ever since, I trust FG for all of my baseball gear needs."

Joe Sciacca - Customer & Athlete